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The JSONPath Expression Tester allows developers to test and evaluate JSONPath, the XPath like syntax for JSON. Based on the popular JSON Formatter & Validator, the JSONPath Tester allows users to choose between PHP implementations of JSONPath created by Stefan Gössner and Flow Communications' Stephen Frank.

Learn About JSONPath

JSONPath offers developers a simple way to extract specific JSON data from a file, the same way XPATH is used with XML.

JSONPath is available wide variety of programming languages including Javascript, PHP, Python and Java.

To learn more about JSONPath check out some of the following links.


August 2020

  • Added Flow Communications' JSONPath 0.5.0.
  • Added compact template wrapping.
  • Added performance improvements.
  • Added improved error handling.
  • Updated the default implementation to FC's JSONPath 0.5.0.
  • Fixed unexpected scrolling on objects and arrays expand/collapse.
  • Fixed autofocus.
  • Fixed a fullscreen bug.

February 2020

  • Added drag and drop, and browse, local file loading.
  • Added node expand/collapse all.
  • Added result renaming.
  • Added result downloading.
  • Added an example.
  • Added integration with the Mutate: Data Converter via a new convert button.
  • Updated frontend.
  • Fixed an Safari error. Alexander

October 2019

  • Added a single tab, tab template.

December 2018

  • Updated external libraries.

July 2018

  • Added Flow Communications' JSONPath 0.4.0.
  • Updated the default implementation to FC's JSONPath 0.4.0.

October 2016

  • Switched copy to use clipboard.js.
  • Added Flow Communications' JSONPath 0.3.2-0.3.4.
  • Updated the default implementation to FC's JSONPath 0.3.4.

December 2015

  • Added Flow Communications' JSONPath 0.3.1.
  • Updated the default implementation to FC's JSONPath 0.3.1.

October 2015

  • Improved JSON encoding/decoding. Thanks oparoz & Stephen.
  • Improved error messages.

August 2015

  • Switched to HTTPS.
  • Improved grow/shrink buttons.
  • Added Flow Communications' JSONPath 0.2.0-0.3.0.
  • Updated the default implementation to FC's JSONPath 0.3.0.

November 2014

  • Added Flow Communications' JSONPath 0.1.1.
  • Added Stefan Goessner's historic JSONPath implementations.
  • Added a four space tab template.
  • Updated the default implementation to FC's JSONPath 0.1.1.

September 2014

  • Added ability to change JSONPath implementation.
  • Added Flow Communications' JSONPath implementation

July 2014

  • Redesign of frontend.
  • Added cookies to remember options.

September 2013

  • Changed hosts to further improve speed.

January 2013

  • Updated external libraries.
  • Improved caching.

December 2012

  • Upgrade to JsonPath 0.8.3.

August 2011

  • Initial release of the JSONPath Expression Tester.


Over the years Curious Concept tools have been immensely improved through the feedback and suggestions of their users. We encourage you to continue to pass along any new recommendations, requests or bug reports.